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Planning to go green? What could be better than using solar energy for your everyday use? DC Solutions Ltd. offers solar panels in Edmonton so that you can harvest your own solar electricity and save on your utility bills.

Solar energy applications have gained a lot of momentum in recent years. Some of the advantages of using solar energy include:

  • It is increasingly accessible

  • This energy is beneficial both financially and environmentally

  • Solar energy can be used for extended water systems

  • It can be used for keeping your homes warm in winter by pairing it with forced hot air (FHA) system

  • Solar energy can be harvested for powering radiant floors

  • Solar attic fans can be used for cooling your homes in summers.

  • Solar PV chargers can be a great solution when you need a portable charger for your electronic devices while travelling.

Our Brands

We carry the following brands in solar panels:

  • BP Solar

  • Mitsubishi Electric

  • GE


For more information, contact us.


Solar Panels for Residential Use

Save on your utility bills by harvesting solar power with the help of solar panels.

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