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Are you looking for custom battery assembly in Edmonton for your unique needs? Get in touch with DC Solutions Ltd. We can analyze your requirements and deliver the required battery packs irrespective of the chemical composition and size. Along with battery pack assemblies, we can also manufacture battery banks, DC power supply, custom power supplies, UPS service and testing and more. You can also call us for installation, removal, disposal, service and maintenance services of batteries and power supplies.


We offer the following customized products and services:

For more information on our custom services, contact us.

Battery Pack Assembly

From inception to production, our professionals can help you with the custom battery pack you need. We use products from well-known brands so that you get top-quality products that are reliable as well as durable.


Custom Power Supplies

We can design, develop and manufacture reliable custom power supplies with your required specifications. Our power conversion solutions can be used for almost all conceivable applications.


Off & On-Site Battery Bank Testing

Whether you require an off-site or on-site battery bank testing, we can do it for you. The testing of the battery bank can let you know if the battery is fully charged, how long the remaining charge in the battery will last, whether any electrical noise is produced, and more. You can also find out if the battery is meeting the manufacturer’s specifications or there is any deterioration in its performance.


Battery Banks/DC Power/Stationary

To meet your specific application, we design and manufacture custom battery banks, DC power supplies and stationary power sources. Call us today to discuss your requirements.


DC System Design

DC Solutions Ltd. offers custom DC system design solutions for your varied power needs. The technicians in our team will closely work with you for the entire process so that you get a continuous power supply.


UPS Service & Test

If you want to service or test your UPS system, you can reach out to us. We can service the UPS and correct any discrepancies in its functionality. Our team can run performance tests, battery run-down evaluations and capacity testing as well to check the efficiency of the UPS. For any flaws detected, we can provide the required repair, or advise you if the current UPS needs to be replaced.


Can’t Find the Required Battery Setting?

Get in touch with us for custom battery pack assembly. We offer custom power supplies as well.

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